20 years... and still in love with what my camera uncovers. I welcome all my gifts... the anxious toddler who opens up to me with cautious steps of courage, the self-conscious ten year old whose discomfort melts away into simple pleasure, and the three siblings who can for the moment set aside their turf battles and provide us with the perfect image of what "family" looks like.

I am not sure whether love of the child or love of the art counts more. I have been personally invested in both for most of my adult life. Mother to four and grandmother to 11 teaches one well in regard to children. The art has come from passion - that of a lifetime of learning how to really see, distinguishing between the mediocre and the good, and capturing what I love of what I see.

I have been a Detroiter all my life as has been my entire family. I was educated at Mumford High School, the University of Michigan, the Center for Creative Studies, as well as numerous photographic workshops. I am enjoying the added bonus of reconnecting with old friends by photographing their children and grandchildren.

- Elaine Yaker